Legal and Financial Ways to Get Revenge on a Cheating Spouse


It’s only natural to want to seek revenge, or even the score when your spouse or significant other has cheated on you. Many victims of infidelity resort to revenge cheating or retaliatory affairs to get back at a cheating mate. Other infidelity victims get even with the cheater in destructive, or even violent ways.

Get Revenge Legally or Financially

If you want really get revenge on a cheating spouse, find a way to do it legally or financially. Otherwise, it’s just not worth your time. There are legal ways to deal the cheater a devastating blow without doing something that will put you on the wrong side of the law. See a divorce attorney or a financial advisor who can tell you what your legal and financial options are. Revenge is so much better when it’s done legally. Consider some of the tactics below:

o Take possession of the house for yourself and the children in a way that the cheater still has to pay the mortgage on it, even though he can’t live there anymore.

o Get the court to require the cheater to fork over so much alimony or child support that it will put a serious crimp in the cheater’s lifestyle and standard of living.

o Have the courts require the cheater to sell his or her business or other assets to provide you with your fair share of the marital assets.

o Think how deeply will it hurt the cheater to only be able to see his children on weekends and holidays.

o How devastating would it be for a wife to lose custody of her children because you’ve proven in court that she’s an unfit mother.

o What better revenge can you get against a cheating and gold-digging spouse than by legally limiting the share of the marital assets that he or she can gain access to.

o Studies show that most cheating women are prepared to leave their marriage mates if it comes to that. Get revenge by refusing to give her a divorce.

o Studies show that most cheating men don’t want to leave their families or divorce their wives. Get your revenge by divorcing a cheating husband who thinks he can have his cake and eat it too.

Check with an attorney or a financial advisor, because laws vary from state to state.

Keep in mind , however, that trying to get revenge on a cheating spouse who has violent or aggressive tendencies can be a dangerous game. No matter how much the cheater may deserve what he or she gets, they may retaliate against you in violent or aggressive ways. So tread carefully, or you could end up in the hospital – or even worse – the grave.

The Best Revenge of All

In the end, the best revenge may be to do nothing. Once the cheater is aware that you know about the affair, hold your head high, act honorably, and show the cheater that you refuse to lower yourself to his or her level to seek revenge.

Show the cheater your life will go on just fine with or without them. The cheater will either be consumed with guilt over how he or she has treated you. Or he or she will never have peace of mind because they’ll keep looking over their shoulder, waiting for the “other shoe to drop.” And that may be the best revenge of all.

How to Gain the Upper Hand

If your spouse or significant other is cheating on you, there are other measures you can take to gain the upper hand. For a free tip sheet entitled How Wives with Cheating Husbands Can Gain the Upper Hand, e-mail with Upper Hand – ez” in the subject line. Despite the title, most of the suggestions in this tip sheet also apply to husbands with cheating wives. For more information about infidelity, cheating spouses and extramarital affairs, visit


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