Karate – Mastering the Downward Block

There are several secrets in mastering the downward block but I will talk to you about one of these secrets in this article. If you train the technique that I will show you then you’ll be on the right path in helping any martial artist to master their downward block.

This is the usual way the martial artist will train the downward block:

1. If they are blocking with their left arm, they will bring the left arm up almost as far as to their right ear level.

2. Then they tend to get their blocking arm tight and start to block in a downward direction approx. 5-6 inches above their left knee.

3. So it’s two full movements which are bring the left arm up and blocking downward with their left arm being tight and strong.

Here is why the above three steps won’t give you the ultimate speed and power in your downward block:

1. They tend to bring the left arm up too high. You just need to bring up slightly.

2. Then they tend to get tense and tight because they want to have power in their block. You can’t achieve maximum speed and power if your start and end your blocking movement in a tight mode. Then only time your arm should get tight is on the downward motion and only at impact.

Here is the perfect way to have the ultimate speed and power in your downward block:

1. If you are using your left arm to block then make sure you just turn your left palm in an upwards direction and make sure you don’t get tense.

2. Then while still remaining relaxed start the downward blocking motion and only get tight at the end of the block by “snapping” your fist or hand in a clockwise motion.

3. At the end of the block you should only see the back of your hand or fist.

Note: Do the above three steps and you will achieve perfect speed and power in any downward block.

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