Arts And Crafts – A Great Cultural And Historical Significance

Arts and crafts together create a potential force that enables artists to give material form to their innate refined qualities. It is through the arts and crafts that the aesthetic sense, creative power and artistic quality of an artist is manifested. Arts and crafts also have a great cultural and historical significance. Under the veneer of colors and craftsmanship can be found the rich history, culture, lifestyle and tradition of the bygone eras. The young artists and craftsmen of today can learn a lot and innovate new ideas. Legacies of the past and objects of rarefied beauty, arts and crafts are treasured by the arts and crafts connoisseurs around the world. India-crafts has come up with panoply of arts and crafts collected from the various regions of India. Come tread in this virtual world of arts and crafts and enrich yourself with interesting information on the same.

Arts and Crafts Movement created furor in the later half of the nineteenth century in Europe. It was a kind of social movement that emerged to point out the impact of industrialization on the society. The romanticism and the creative aspects of human being were in decline and there was a clear shift from handmade crafts to the machine made ones.

The variations of arts may include decorative arts, drawings, paintings, sculpture, collages, photography and videography. Ethnic as well as modern paintings and sculptures of brass, bronze and wood serve as great marvels for interior decorations. Crafts made from several resources like glass, wood, paper, plant products, metal, ceramics, porcelain, leather, fabrics and plastics can be used as indoor and outdoor decors or as gifts to the loved ones.

The practice of arts and crafts in India began from the Indus Valley Civilization and continues in the modern times. Fascinating terracotta crafts, potteries, textile crafts and metal wares were the hallmarks of arts and crafts of the Indus era. The Mauryan era is famous for its stone sculptures and jewelry crafts. The handcrafted cave engravings of the Ajanta and Ellora capture Gupta arts in its finest form. Gorgeous textile crafts, ornate jewelries, miniature paintings and sculptures characterize the Mughal era.

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