How the Interactive Learning Guide Benefits an On – Line Education


It is said by Lester Thurow that “In the 21st century, the education and skills of the workforce will be the dominant competitive weapon”. Today, Internet makes this dream come true. Yes, Internet plays the key role for a profound revolution through the concept of On-Line Education. Interactive Learning Guide is delivered online through a Web-Based learning system. This is obviously delivered over the Internet.

Interactive Learning Guide through On-line education is supporting learning to be available on a 24/7 clock and delivered from class-room to anywhere …… office, home … at anytime. Interactive Learning Guide engages the learner and teacher in effective instructional communication without generating interactive interferences. The Interactive Learning Guide with the application of technology in education sparks thought to provide understanding of theories and applications for identifying alternate solutions. This converts the traditional static resources into interactive, interesting online modules for learners. Thus the acquaintance of knowledge is maximized through On-Line learning for students miles away.

Interactive Learning Guide facilitates to sustain the real time interactivity of a classroom environment in many dimensions. Learners will have a solid foundation in up to date concepts and practices using audio and video cases, simulations techniques, and other game- based exercises. This technology sophistication generates connectivity in learning, and isolates stagnant forms of education. Hence Interactive Learning Guide creates cooperative learning in On-Line Education. This plays a crucial role in re-building distance learning from the unexciting, mind-numbing old correspondence education to an effective, challenging and meaningful education. This makes the Interactive Learning Guide create an authentic On-Line Learning experience for students distance education programs.

With the help of Interactive Learning Guide the instructor without his physical presence and with the help of the most effective choice of media becomes a facilitator of learning. Exciting visuals with motion pictures, graphics, business Interviews, view of retail outlets, components such as CEO’s speeches, and working factories etc… makes On-Line Learning still more fascinating and attention grabbing. Students are presented quality information without superficiality. The presence of these characteristics makes Interactive Learning Guide profoundly motivating and captivates the attention of On-Line Learners. The focus of an On-Line Education is not only learning but also retention of knowledge. Interactive Learning Guide has been linked to better retention of the text resources with the help of visual aids both qualitatively and quantitatively, thus it stimulating an interest in the learning process.

Interactive Learning Guide in an On-Line Education makes ones learning experience the closest equivalent to the classroom experience with the presence of certain value added features. The integrated approach in Interactive Learning with the application of printed Learning Guide helps to meet the needs of the learner in a manner that is instructionally effective and economically prudent. Hence this type of On-Line Education would even help E Learners to gain a second chance of college education and college experience. On-Line Learning would also travel miles to reach those who are disadvantaged by limited time, long commutes, or physically disabilities making learning a real time and factual experience. Thus bringing all these components together makes the Interactive Learning Guide a boon to the present generation in the world of Education.


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