Accentuating An Old Plain Dress


Being invited to big events such as birthdays and weddings requires more than just showing up with a gift in hand. It has to be remembered that there are also other important people who will be gracing the occasion. In social gatherings, prominent people arrive in their best clothes because they want to be seen as respectable individuals worthy of recognition. However, this idea is not only limited to wealthy individuals. The same applies to everyone else especially if the festivity is a formal one.

When coming across instances such as this, the common expectation is a budget-breaking shopping spree not only for the celebrant's present but also the outfit for the said event. With a little bit of creativity and imagination though, you can look glamorous and pull it off in that old plain black dress. In reality, that apparel already worn to a number of parties can still go a long way if adored with the right additions.

Accessorizing with bits and pieces of either gold or silver will greatly improve the monotony of any apparel. The key is to choose one material otherwise you would end up looking complicated. If you want to wear silver pandora bracelets, never add gold or bronze into the package.

In order to add a stunning effect to your dress, careful choosing of the right footwear must be done. In fact, a simple garment can be made glamorous if paired with the right kind of shoes. For a black dress, you can actually go beyond sticking to black as other hues will still fit perfectly such as red, blue, gray, and orange.

Belts and scarves would go well with plain clothes too. As long as there are no intricate prints on the dress, a colorful belt will be a perfect addition. The reason for the concept of accentuating with either a scarf or a belt is to be able to achieve an impressive look that is focused on the accent rather than on the simplicity of the dress.

Hair and make-up have to be done according to the style and color of the apparel. If the dress is black, you can go with any eye shadow but has to be consistent with the rest of your accessories. You can put on hair accessories as well provided that it does not create a contrasting effect other than working well to flatter the whole appearance.


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