Becoming A Sports Investor


To began, it is extremely crucial to approach sport investing with realistic expectations and goals. A sports Investor simply needs to register a winning accuracy rate of 52. 4% to be successful and stay profitable. While the majority eventually don’t succeed in hitting the 52% threshold, it is a task that can be done if you’re dedicated and disciplined. To be more precise, if your intention is to become an effective sports investor, you will simply have to follow basic rules which comprise proper money management and being able to pick winners.

If you’re only interested in sports investing as a way to get rich quick then I would suggest you to look elsewhere because that will most likely not happen for you. To be frank with you, there’s no short cut in this industry and all the professionals will tell you sports investing is more like running a marathon than a sprint. Patience and long termed planning is necessary to come out on top. The idea is to win just enough bets to slowly build up your account on a month to month basis. As long as you’re in profit at the end of each month or week, nothing else should really matter.

By looking hard enough on the internet, you will come across more than a few handicappers who have great winning percentage when it comes to betting on sports, but their downfall is their inability to control the amount of money they are placing on each bet. This is where money management is so essential if you wish to always stay profitable and not lose money. No matter how good the odds looks, you must stay discipline enough to bet the same amount of money on every games and this amount should be no less or no more than 2% of your total bankroll. That surely means that if you have $1000 on your betting account, the amount of money you should place on each bet is $20.

The hardest part in becoming a successful sports investor is to understand how to correctly pick winners consistently. For this, you will need to do your homework and properly handicap each games that fits into your betting strategy.

When it comes to handicapping or analyzing games to bet on, there are more than a few ways to go about it effectively. I may go more into details about specific handicapping strategies but that may be for the next article since this one is getting a bit too long. But the bottom line concerning handicapping games is that you need to stay inform about the specific games you believe offers you the best chance for success.


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