How to Improve Vertical Jumping and Start Dunking Like Rajon Rondo in No Time


Rajon Rondo isn’t the biggest guy in the NBA. He stands 6’1 which is taller than average in the real world but makes him small by NBA standards. Here’s the thing though; he found out how to improve vertical jumping through little known jumping exercises.

In an interview given in February 2009 Rajon Rondo admitted that he had a fairly simple vertical jump training program that focused on some simple core principles. One of these principles was that you had to do the right exercises if you were looking at improving vertical jump height on an ongoing basis. Here are three of them:

Hill Sprints. If you want to know how to improve vertical jumping as quick as possible then this should definitely be one of your “jumping exercises”!

Fairly obviously you need to find a hill first. The steeper the hill is the better your workout will be. You want to sprint uphill for about 65 yards. The important thing to remember is that you are trying to sprint as fast as you can as you want to improve explosive power and quickness not stamina and endurance. Try and do 7 hill sprints per workout session.

Abs exercises. When you want to jump higher, it’s important that you don’t neglect your core, as this is where a lot of explosive power and your balance come from. Ideally you should be doing sit-ups and crunches everyday when you wake up. They are even more effective if you can get a dumbbell weight and hold it to your chest while working out.


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