Crushed Velvet Beds


Pure Elegance! That’s the look of crushed velvet. It’s back! You see a resurgence in crushed velvet in fashion, in home decor, and in home furnishings! It has a certain rich, quality look that just can’t be duplicated in other upholstery fabrics. That is one of the reasons it’s making a big comeback in bedrooms everywhere. Maybe you’ve been thinking about getting a crushed velvet bed yourself, but have some questions.

Crushed velvet beds, complete with their sophisticated button upholstery, create a warm, inviting nest for you to land in after a long day. If you think you can’t afford this look, think again. They are surprisingly affordable… no more expensive to buy than your average bed.

When you decide on a crushed velvet bed, you will be delighted to see the way the fabric catches the light. The bed truly becomes the center of attention in your bedroom decor. It makes the other furniture jealous!

These beds are gaining in popularity at a dizzying pace. The smart looks, and the feel of luxurious velvet are hard to beat. Some are very practical as well, designed as “ottoman style” with built-in storage in the frame, under the mattress. It seems as though it might be a bit awkward moving the mattress. But, what a great idea for storing your out of season wardrobe!

Crushed velvet beds are similar to velvet beds. The fabric starts out the same. Crushed velvet consists of a slightly larger loop in the fabric. Then, it’s pressed, or “crushed” in different, random directions to give it the rich, patterned appearance. The pattern is what causes it to diffuse the light in a way that regular velvet doesn’t. The random pattern with the contrasting button upholstery, creates the perfect look.

What about cleaning it? Most people are a little hesitant to invest in this fabric, because they’re worried about keeping it up. It’s really quite easy to care for. You will clean spills or stains the same way you clean other upholstery fabrics. You can opt to have a professional come in and clean it. Or course, we always recommend that. But if you want to give it a try, you can clean it with a little laundry soap mixed with water. Pat it on the dirt… don’t rub it! Dry it with a hair dryer. Keep the dryer far enough away that it doesn’t overheat the fabric. Use a soft toothbrush to restore the nap if you need to.

When it comes to color selection, you’re going to have to stay pretty conservative. There is not a huge choice. Browsing online, it looks like the most popular color for crushed velvet beds is silver/gray. Some cream-colored, and some brown. You will find some variations on those themes, but don’t plan to stray too far from that palate, unless you’re planning to custom order one in hot pink!

If you are looking for a nice way to jazz up an old, boring bedroom, go for crushed velvet! It will add just the right amount of sparkle!


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