Designer Handbag Outlet


Are you looking for high quality designer handbags at affordable prices?  If so, a designer handbag outlet store might be your best bet. Designer handbag outlet stores are known to offer discounts of up to 50 percent off the retail price. These items are sent to the outlets directly from the manufacturer or from upscale boutiques. The reason that these items are shipped to the outlets is because they are overstocked or because they are out of date. This allows the outlet store to sell them at deep discounts.

Traveling to an Outlet Store

Designer handbag outlet stores are often few and far between. So, before you go, it is best to look online for detailed directions to the nearest location. These outlet stores also have inconsistent inventories. So, if you have a specific item in mind, it is always best to call ahead.

What to expect when you get there

Don’t expect to find the most recent collections at the designer handbag outlet stores. If you are looking for that trendy new handbag carried by Jennifer Lopez or the one on the arm of Cameron Diaz, you probably won’t find it at an outlet store. And, even if you do find a hot new bag at an outlet, there won’t be a significant discount – usually only five to ten percent off the retail price. What you can expect to find at outlet stores is top of the line designer handbags – from a season or two – at discount prices.

You can also expect to find an experienced staff. Since these employees have worked in the industry, they can offer you a wealth of information on the product. They can show you how to spot a fake. This makes it very unlikely that any of the handbags offered at outlets are inauthentic.

Outlets vs. Online

While you may have to drive several hours to get to the nearest store, outlets still offer many advantages over online buying. The most obvious advantage is that you can actually see the item. You can hold it in your hands. You can look it over. If you are unsure of its authenticity, you need only ask a member of their staff. Another obvious advantage of shopping at an outlet is that you don’t have to pay exorbitant shipping charges. Designer leather handbags can be a lot heavier than they look (even when empty), and shipping charges can really add up.

Caveat Emptor

Some of the items offered at designer handbag outlets may have small defects. So make sure you inspect you handbag closely before you buy it. A great designer handbag outlet carries the most range of bags to choose from so make sure you check every piece of item you want to buy before you pay for it. If there are defects, there may be extra items ion the store that you can ask for to be purchased immediately.


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