Bruce Lee’s Workout Regimen – His Training Secrets Revealed!


Watching Bruce Lee makes a lot of people want to know more about Bruce Lee’s workout regimen. No question: Bruce Lee’s abs are simply phenomenal! His body looks extremely ripped. So, what did his training look like?

First, here are the facts: Bruce Lee was 5 ft 7.5 in (171 cm) tall and weighed 135 lbs (59 kg). He was at 160 lbs (73 kg) for a while as he was experimenting with weight training. Believe it or not: his body fat percentage was lower than 6%!

Arnold Schwarzenegger once said about Bruce Lee: “He had a very-I mean a very defined physique. He had very little body fat. I mean, he probably had one of the lowest body fat counts of any athlete. And I think that’s why he looked so unbelievable.”

Bruce Lee’s physician, Dr. Langford, even claimed that Lee’s body had less than one percent body fat! Can you believe that?

Now, take a look at Bruce Lee’s Workout Routine – it’s a six hours a day, six days a week regimen (!):

1) Monday & Wednesday & Friday:

– Abs & stretching, (2 hrs)

– Running (2 hrs): varying speed in 5 minutes intervals. Typical exercise: 5,9 miles (9,5 km) in 45 minutes

– Arm/ Hand Speed Exercises (1 hour)

– Jumping Rope (800 jumps)

2) Tuesday & Thursday & Saturday:

– Abs & Stretching (2 hrs)

– Weight Training (2 hrs). Among others: squats, reverse curls, concentration curls, French presses, and both wrist curls and reverse wrist curls

– Legs exercises/ Cycling (2 hrs.)

As you can see, abdominal exercises are a major part of the workout. In fact, Lee was convinced that the abs were one of the most important muscle groups for a martial artist, because almost every movement requires abdominal work.

In fact, in addition to all his books on bodybuidling and anatomy, Lee even had a separate folder filled with articles on routines to develop the abdominal muscles. He had five special ab exercises, three of which he performed every day. The five were:

a) Leg Raises

b) “Modified” Sit-Ups

c) Twists

d) Side Bends

e) Frog Kicks

Now, if you want to get visible abs, there are two things you need to know about:

1) Ab exercises alone won’t do it. You need to reduce your body fat percentage (below 11% for men and 16-19 % for women) to really to see the abs. For the best exercise to lose fat, take a look at my article “Best Way to Lose Fat or How to Lose Belly Fat Fast”.

2) Crunches are NOT the best ab exercise! For example the exercise called “Abdominal Bicycle” is much more effective.

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The list of bad and good exercises inside (page 12-13) and the chapter on diet (ch. 10) are simply priceless! Grab your FREE Report now!

P.S. If you want to get a ripped body, healthy nutrition is a must! Did you know that Bruce Lee avoided baked goods and consumed large amounts of fruits, vegetables and milk daily?


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