Magic Tricks Revealed – The Amazing Card Feeling Trick


If you like simple card tricks that are easy to learn and mesmerizing to watch, you’ve come to the right place. When you finish reading this you’ll have one more card trick in your arsenal that you’ll be able to use to entertain groups of people wherever you go.

Here’s how the audience will see this amazing trick. You put a normal pack of cards on the table. Get somebody to come up, look through the deck, shuffle it a few times. She will put the stack of cards back, and go and sit down.

Then you pick up the deck, and tell them you’ve just returned from a special skills camp. You can feel extremely fine detail with your hands. So fine that you can feel the surface of a card, and tell exactly what the suit and number is just by feeling the ink pattern with our extremely sensitive fingers. You pick up the deck, and hold it behind your back. You explain that you are feeling the face down card. You the hold the deck out, facing the audience, so only they can see the face down card. You read it to them exactly, to their utter amazement. You repeat this again, and again, as many times as you like. Each time you place the deck behind your back, and present it to the audience, so only they see the card. But you have mysteriously been able to decipher it using only your fingers.

Here’s how to do the trick. It’s important to quickly look at the bottom of the deck when you first pick it up. In order to do this without getting caught, you’ll need to do this before you explain what you are going to do. This is the part where you need to tell some long and convoluted story. Once the deck is behind your back, split it in half. Cut the deck, flip one half around, so the bottom half is facing you.

When you hold the deck out, you’ll have the bottom card (which you have already seen) facing the audience, and the card facing you (which they will assume is a down facing card) will be the next one you call out. Every time you move the deck behind your back, you simply take the card you just read, remove it and put it anywhere in the middle of the deck. After that simply turn the deck so the audience can see the card that you just looked at.

This will take some mirror practice, and perhaps some willing friends. You’ll need to be far enough away from your audience so they won’t be able to see the way you are truly holding the deck, as well as not be able to see what you are doing behind your back. So long as you are talking the whole time, you should be OK. Have fun.


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