Father’s Day Poems the Haiku Way


Usually, father’s day poems consist of some sweet sentiment towards dad. And they’ve usually been penned by western writers. And while it’s true that some of the best poetic sentiments have come from the west, let’s not forget what the east has to contribute.

Consider the lovely haiku poem. In just a few words, haiku capture the essence of a mood or place and allow the reader to gently “step inside” the poets outlook. For example, father’s day poems can look something like this:

cold april morning —

the scent of

dad’s old shirt

Here we have a specific present moment event that brings to mind a lovely memory of dad. Instead of the sanguine sentiments expressed in the usual way, we have something we can enter into – something that express the feeling of father in a unique and intimate way.

The beauty of haiku is that it doesn’t try to tell you everything. Instead, it shows you something. It doesn’t suggest you to think one way or another. Instead, it takes you right there. And since haiku are about present moment experiences, it allows you to step into that moment over and over again.

Looking for good father’s day poems? Why not create a haiku for dad. He’ll love you for it and it will touch him in ways most western poetry can not.


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