4 Essential Things to Remember While Making a Pitch to the Media

Statistics reveal that a top-notch journalist receives almost 100 pitches in a day. To ensure that a pitch stands out in this clutter, is easier said than done. One needs to make strong connections, and more importantly strike the right chord at the right time. Often, over-enthusiastic entrepreneurs fall into the trap of committing gaffes while presenting their research to the media. For all such overeager professionals, below is an insight on the four most important things to bear in mind while making a pitch to the media:

1. Focus on an Exclusive Research

Editors are always on the lookout for an exclusive piece of content. PR should focus on conducting a newsworthy research, and should also ensure to highlight it in the email. For instance, one may include the word 'exclusive' in the subject line of the mail as well as in the 'call to action' button. The fact that the content has been released exclusively to the outlet makes the editors feel happy, as they get the opportunity to break the news before anyone else does in the media.

2. Avoid Usage of Jargon

While buzzwords may sound trendy, the reality is that a pitch full of jargon makes it cumbersome for the reader to understand the precise message. Journalists are always in a hurry and they do not have the time or patience to read between the lines and comprehend the unnecessary phrases.

3. Keep the Emails Short and Concise

Just because the news contains information of an in-depth study, it does not implicate that the pitch has to be long and over-detailed. One should ensure to keep the mail crisp and concise, giving a brief insight on the methodology and the study. A good way is to make use of bullet points to describe the key results. For providing additional information, one may include a link to external sources. Experts suggest to keep the word length at 200, as reporters would not want to read a lengthy mail first thing in the morning.

4. Use the Right Approach to Connect via Social Media

Once the pitch has been made, it is essential to follow up with the journalist. One may resort to social media for connecting with the editors. However, care should be taken to employ the right approach. One should not unnecessarily tag editors on images that are irrelevant to them or their readers. Garnering the trust of journalists is vital while interacting with them on social media platforms.

One should always remember that the key to successful media pitches is patience and professionalism. This also aids in ensuring long-lasting & mutually beneficial business relations with them.

For best results, one may hire the services of a reputed public relations agency, which possesses an extensive experience in handling PR relations.

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