Should I Get an Accounting Degree? Pros and Cons


The Pros:

  • You are almost guaranteed to find a job somewhere as there is always a need for accountants. Especially with the clamping down on financial legislation, professional management reports and annual financial statements need to be submitted in order to stay in business, so in house accountants are always on board, if not the people with accounting degrees are outsourced.
  • Unless you work for yourself, you will more than likely be offered work within a large firm allowing you to interact with many like minded people on a day to day basis.
  • Your degree can be utilized within many fields of accounting, adding diversity and growth to your qualifications.
  • Through the use of your studies, you can become exposed to many different types of business when you do their books or their tax. Whatever work you do for clients will be an education in the operating of their business.
  • Impressive salaries and opportunity for growth with any of these degrees.

  The Cons

  • Although there is a lot of job availability within this field, so too are there a lot of accounting degree graduates. You will be up against some tough competition for entry level jobs.
  • Using your accounting degree to go and work within a big firm, you will usually be assigned to many different operations for many different businesses. This means you will be answering to a number of different “bosses” which can be stressful and require a lot of management on your part.
  • On the whole, the accounting world is relatively conservative. But perhaps that will suit you?
  • Your work is generally billed per hour which means you need to stay on top of every single hour that has been worked. All work needs to be documented, so an extensive record of hours worked and to be billed needs to be kept.
  • All graduates will soon find out that you will be required to work long hours. Sometimes all night or all weekend if it means that the job gets done on time. That impressive salary does have it’s hitches!

All in all, opting to study for an accounting degree is a positive choice that will offer you many rewards in the long run. But maybe after perusing these few pros and cons, you will feel differently about this.


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