LIC Systematic Investment Plan


The LIC systematic investment plan has a huge appeal with the Indian masses as the company is a household name. The SIP LIC mutual fund offers a number of schemes under the titles of equity, debt, balanced, liquid, redeemed and floating. As you already know, LIC is the top insurer in the country.

Also, what makes its one of the best SIP investment plans is India is its NAV options for you i.e. there are available NAV history options for that of Daily NAVs, Monthly, Weekly, Holidays, Historical.

The LIC mutual funds are ideal for NRIs out of the country to invest.

Invest as minimum as less as Rs.500 or Rs.1000.

LIC offers investor’s guide as well as a LIC Mutual Fund Calculator to help you calculate your returns.

You can easily plan your retirement or your finance using the planning medium available on LIC’s end.

Since the investment fee is as low as Rs. 500, you can extend your approach to 2 to 3 schemes together including a special Children’s investment by LIC.

The LIC systematic investment plan through ECS i.e. electronic clearing service or Auto debit is available online and in only available to the few cities mentioned on the site.

Existing customers need not apply through a common form but just provide their account number.

The LIC mutual funds site promotes a common application form for all its schemes.

Also, along that, is the additional information statement document that can be downloaded by an investor to read about the profile of the company.

If you wish read about all its schemes, download the whole portfolio which holds pdf files with details of all the schemes. The LIC website is a one stop junction for an investor to know everything about their SIP plans.

You can either contact the back or agents and brokers to get your LIC systematic investment plans done.

Next Step – What should you do?

You have to analyze the performance of the various LIC schemes and spot the best to invest.


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