Win Back Lost Love in 5 Easy Steps


Love is the strongest emotion that humans possess. Needless to say, when the passion of love comes to an abrupt end, it can leave us feeling hurt, angry and bewildered. But the pain needn’t be permanent. Here are 5 easy steps to follow to win back lost love.

1. Be honest. No relationship will survive unless both parties are committed to being honest and truthful. Address any issues that you both may disagree on regularly. For example, if you prefer to save your money and your partner is a spendthrift, try to come up with a solution that will suit both people so that it no longer causes tension. Once you have resolved these issues, make a pact with your partner that if anything becomes an unbearable problem for one person, they will let their feelings be known. Then it can be dealt with and put to rest, ending to any tension before it begins.

2. Be dependable. Even though you are not together, showing that you can be depended on without being asked is paramount to win back lost love. For example, if your ex mentions that they are moving house, offer to help out. Show them that they can depend on you to be there in times of need.

3. Be supportive. Showing encouragement when they may be feeling inadequate or in need of moral support. Try to find out what they might be feeling worried or concerned about. For instance, if they are starting a new job, phone before they leave home to tell them how great you know they will be at it. Or make an appearance at their basketball grand final. It shows you care enough [] to make the effort.

4. Be a good listener. Even though you might not share everything with your ex, there is likely to be some kind of communication. This can result in an argument if things turn sour. However, if you remain calm and really listen to what they are saying, you may find ways to reconcile with them. The key is to encourage them to tell you whats on their mind. You don’t need to offer a solution, just be someone they can vent to.

5. Be proactive. If you sit back watching things play out, before you know it, someone else will have the leading role in the play. Never give up on the possibility of getting your ex back, unless you have decided that you do not wish to be a part of the relationship. Either way, you have to take some kind of action. These things don’t just happen – you have to make them happen.

The most important message that you want to try and convey to your ex is that you still care and do want to be a part of their lives. It is possible that your ex may start to see other people. Don’t despair as this can actually work in your favour. They may realise that the relationship they had with you was in fact pretty great!

It is possible to win back lost love. With a little determination and a plan of action, anything can happen. If you follow these 5 steps, and have a little faith, you will be on the right track to win back lost love.


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