Property Investing Books – Which One Should I Read?


Trying to find a good and ‘up to date’ property investing book can be quite a challenge. There is nothing worse than reading a property investing book that refers to property prices that are half what the current day values are. In my experience I have found that sometimes a good general investment book can be of just as much use as a specialist property investment book. Most real estate investors are actively investing in other areas so having a book that discusses real estate investing in relation to the stock market etc. can be very beneficial.What to look for in a property investing book?

The best property investing books should be written in an easy to follow – step by step fashion. It is no good if the reader finishes the book but still doesn’t feel like they have the confidence to start building their property portfolio. At times the facts and figures involved with property can become quite tiresome so it is also vital that the writer can deliver the information in a fun and entertaining way. Let’s have a closer look at three of the all time great property investing books.

More Wealth from Residential Property – Jan Somers

A fantastic property investing book that covers all aspects of how to purchase residential property. It literally covers every stage and detail that you need to know when buying your first (or 10th) investment property. Jan Somers writes in an honest and fun way and she doesn’t forget that most of the people reading her book probably haven’t ever bought an investment property before. There is a chapter that talks about renting vs. buying the house you live in and Jan mentions the fact that living in your own house can have great mental advantages that don’t come into consideration when you only look at the figures. This is a refreshing view point from a property investing professional as I often find that the writers of these property investing books can loose touch with reality but definitely not Jan Somers.

What I Didn’t Learn at School but Wish I Had – Jamie McIntyre

This book is a more general investing book but it covers some great real estate strategies. The first half of Jamie McIntyre’s book concentrates on the mental aspects of becoming a successful investor. He calls it developing the mindset of a millionaire. It is easy to want to skip over this section of the book but I promise you that if you haven’t developed your mental investing muscles then no matter how many great strategies you have you will find it hard to succeed. Whilst Jan Somers book goes into the real ‘nuts and bolts’ of Real estate investing this book covers some more elaborate and interesting strategies.

Go For Your Life – Chris Grey

This is a very underestimated book that didn’t receive anywhere near as many accolades as it deserved. It is basically a combination of the above two property investing books. It shows how Chris slowly bought the 6 investment properties that he currently owns.

You might be saying “6 properties – that’s not enough to write a book!” But this is the exact reason why it is such a great book. He explains how you don’t need to own 100 houses to be a successful real estate investor and enjoy the luxuries of life. By owning a handful of properties he has been able to obtain his dream lifestyle. So there you have it 3 great property investing books that you should definitely read before or after you start building your property empire.

All of them are filled with great property investing tips and secrets that will help you achieve your goals. The only thing missing from these books and form every property investing book ever written is the magic ingredient that makes you actually put the strategies into action. You will need to find that yourself! You can read as many books as you like but if you don’t ever take some action then you won’t ever achieve the success that you would like.

So what are you waiting for? Start taking action today by reading one of these books and then when you are armed with the required knowledge take the next step and start your investing career.


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