Viva Las Vegas Buffets


Please correct me if I am wrong but are not Las Vegas Buffets just the best in the
World! OK there are a few ones that are a bit how your your father (an Australian term
For so so) but I am still going to a buffet that I havn't enjoyed. This is probably why I
Have a Vegas Buffet waist line.

Here I would like to share with you my top seven favorite buffets in Las Vegas.

1. La Village Buffet as Paris hotel.

I have to say that this buffet is total class, great service and the best French cuisine I
Have ever tasted. They also have a great seafood selection and as far as I know are
The only buffet that serves Bananas Foster for dessert! With great atmosphere I give
It a 10/10

2. Spice Market Buffet at Aladdin.

This buffet has a similar feel to the buffet at paris but more fake jewels on the walls
. The food is great but I have to say the selection was not as exciting as at paris.
However it really is great value and located in the middle of some of the best
Shopping in Vegas, who can complain!

3 Todai Japanese Seafood Buffet at Aladdin.

If you love Japanese then this is the place for you. More sushi then you can poke a
Stick at! They seem to have the most fresh and best selection of sushi I have seen
In a very long time. Other buffets really could afford to learn from this great place.

4.French Market Buffet at Orleans

I really liked this buffet. It was clean with a great selection of French foods on show.
Judging by the size of some of the partrons of this place they could not either! If
You are over that way and looking for a not too expensive lunch or dinner option
Then this is place for you.

5. Village Seafood Buffet as Rio

If you love seafood then you will be in heaven! Well worth the wait for the bus ride
To Rio (you catch it a Bally's) the seafood here is the best in Vegas. The ironic thing
Is that I can not eat seafood, but I was taking my Mom out so I wanted to make sure
She had a great night. Despite not being able to eat much of the buffet, I was still
Able to leave with a more then full feeling that left me more then satisfied. By the
Way Mom says the seafood was fantastic!

6. The Buffet at Bellagio at Bellagio

For a place that is as glitzy and showy as the Bellagio I have to say I was a little
Disappointed at the fare they presented. Do not get me wrong it was all very nice but
Perhaps just not at the level you would expect of such a "high roller" establishment.
The day I was there they did have lovely duck and I had just lost $ 100 on blackjack
So let's not mention that again?

7. Garden Court Buffet at Main Street Station.

Ok Ok I know that this place is off the beat track but really it's worth the cab ride.
This has to be the absolutely best priced, quality buffet in town. It's cheep and
Cheerful and boy the food and service was great. Sometimes it's nice to get off Las
Vegas Blvd for a change after all, and you get to avoid all the snooty high rollers
That would not be seen dead here! Save your pennies for the craps table and still
Leave as full as an egg.

Well that's my top seven buffets. But before you run off do not forget to have a look
For some of the discounts that are available with great coupons and clubs. These
Books are great, you get to rub shoulders with the stars and still have cab fare

Viva Las Vegas Buffets!


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