Is Amway A Genuine Business?


There are no limits to the number of sites online that ascribe the words illegal pyramid and scam to the Amway business. Comb through the Internet and you will see tons of critics telling you what a rip off the Amway business is. Why does Amway attract so much criticism? Why does every critic want to rip it apart?

Here are some reasons:

The Influence Amway has had on the public has been massive Amway has been in existence for the past 50 years and lot of people were and are still affected by the business in one way or another. There are millions who have good things to say about Amway and another proportion of this population who will have negative comments about the business and call it a scam. The negative group have been active on the internet knocking the business. Majority of those commenting about the business on the internet are unfortunately people with negative comments about the business. This distorts comments about the true nature of the business. The critics are mostly people who have either not been successful in the business due to lack of effort, or people who have had a falling out with the group leaders they became worked while in the business.

The influence of the groups affiliated to Amway For years some business groups were engaging in bad business practices. This has led to a bad feeling in some of the groups. Some leaders began focusing on their side business (tapes, CDs and business functions) and neglected to the substantive business which is Amway. Many recruits believed that they can become millionaires within a short period with little effort. Any profit made from the business evaporated due to large spending on system tools: tapes, books and functions. Some system groups made little effort to promote the retail side of the business. The system business some leaders promoted became the substantive business and Amway’s reputation suffered because of this practice.

This is obviously mainly the fault of the system leaders who did not follow the proper business guidelines and replacing Amway business with their side tool. Amway has curbed such abuses by introducing the accreditation which all business groups have to conform to.

Business owners concealing the name Amway Business owners sometimes tried to conceal the name Amway from the prospect. The belief then was that people will prejudge their business if they hear the word Amway without getting some information about it first if Amway was mentioned upfront. This has led some to believe that Amway representatives were hiding something hideous. It created deep suspicions about the business. Thankfully, Amway has banned representatives from carrying on this practice.

The critics have been busy on the internet for years. There are articles do not give a balanced analysis of the business. Most of the websites focus on law suites and controversies and not on the positive. The general commentary on the Network Marketing industry is unfairly negative. Most of the comments are not based on what Network Marketing is really about but on opinions. To make matters worse, some of these comments are recycled and left on the internet. Even though these comments describes the state of the Amway business decades ago, they not removed.

Anyone posting something positive today about Amway is in direct competition with all the posts. Almost no one takes the time to look at when something was actually written on the net. So, the scam comments stay up. The Amway business has undergone major changes over the years. The business today has evolved from the business of 20 or 30 years ago. But the old negative comments still refer to the business in its previous form. A less observant reader or researcher may not notice this difference and this is why old comments still influence readers today unfortunately.

So what really is Amway?

Amway a multi-national company that came into existence about 50 years ago. It started from humble beginnings and has now grown to become one of the major direct selling companies in the world today. It is turning over more than $8 billion in sales and yes it is still creating income for people. The business is legitimate. It has survived several litigations over the years and has never closed business in any country it operates in. This is not to say that there aren’t people who try to abuse the business for their own gains. But this happens in all major companies.

Yes, people have quit their jobs and have realized their dreams of financial freedom through the Amway business.

Yes, with the right strategies, you can generate a huge amount of income from the business. But achievement comes by associating with groups and leaders who can teach you the right techniques.

The pyramid scheme and scam accusations levied against Amway have been knocked down. Pyramid schemes cannot be sustained over a long period and Amway has been in business for over 5 decades and still expanding (what will the critics say about that)?

Amway has introduced the accreditation system in markets like North America to deal with the abuses. It has developed guidelines which business groups have to comply to in order remain affiliated to Amway.

Amway has systems that have transformed the lives of thousands of people for decades. Mentorship in the business is second to none. It is important that you become involved in groups that are genuinely interested in helping you grow financially and show you the ropes and are growing fast themselves.


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