Huzo Review


Recently launched is a brand new social networking site with a bit of a twist. Huzo although similar to sites such as Facebook and Twitter, also combines the facilities to download movies, music, games and e-books, so it is Amazon, iTunes and Netflix all rolled into one. It is the creation of Terrell Samuels. Samuels calls it revolutionary and it is a one stop shop for entertainment and media.

So how do you make money?

In these tough economic times people are still surprisingly spending money on entertainment. However rather than go out to a restaurant or to watch a movie at the cinema they are entertaining themselves in the comfort of their homes through downloading and watching movies, listening to music, reading books and playing video games

It is totally free to join the site but when you refer someone to Huzo you get paid a commission, and on top of this, you also get paid two percent of the cost on all films, games, music and books which that person downloads. The company is able to not charge a fee to join because some of the revenue from the books, movies and music etc is redirected back to the customers. On top of this the company also sets out two percent of its entire revenue stream and is able to put that into its own personal charitable organization

One of the benefits of a company such as Huzo is that in effect they are not targeting new money. The money (all $ 120 billion of it) is already being spent. Instead Terrell says that his company is simply providing a richer experience for the end user. They call it entertainment 3.0 the whole idea of ​​combining entertainment on all levels is a good one.

Facebook is now the number one most visited internet site on the planet and Google's reign as top dog has come to an end. It seems that social media is here to stay and it is only going to grow. There is no business who can take advantage of this or at least try to be on the upward slope of a trend will probably make some serious money.

There are plenty of social media sites jumping on the success bandwagon that is Facebook and Twitter and a result it is now a competitive marketplace. However Huzu looks like a breath of fresh air. The idea of ​​one place where you can tap into all your entertainment needs is pretty clever and in this respect will probably go on to give the guys a run for their money.

Speaking of money realistically you probably will not be able to make life changing amounts of cash from this unless you build up a huge team of people and know how to market the opportunity to its full potential and in this respect it may not be a full Time business prospect. However Huzo is a good way to make some money on the side while having fun, and that's what's great about it.


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