How to Make a Toy Hammock


Children see the pleasure people get from spending a couple hours relaxing in a hammock. People in hammocks generally feel happy and at peace, so naturally they want to extend this good feeling to their toys. The problem is, however, they don’t know where to get one. You can buy online or in leading toy stores. But here’s a better idea: show your child how simple it is to make a toy hammock using basic paper crafting. Consequently, they may create several for all their dolls, teddy bears, and other toys. So read on to learn how to make a toy hammock.


1. Colored copy paper or construction paper

2. Sturdy string either embroidery floss or yarn

3. Tape or glue

4. Scissors

The first step is to determine the size of your hammock. Some children may want to have medium sized toy hammock to accommodate a number of toys, while some may want to create a realistic approach by having one toy hammock for each toy. Whatever the child desires, decide how long and wide the hammock should be.

In this tutorial, the measurements will be 1 inch to the width and 5 inches to the length. Simply cut a piece of the construction paper or colored copy paper according to your measurements. You would also want to have a thick base; you can do this by cutting the paper 3 times its desired length and folding it again to the desired length.

After sizing it, it’s time to fold it. Do accordion fold to the entire piece lengthwise. Then in an alternating pattern, cut equal triangular notches out of both sides of the folded paper. Now here comes the slightly crucial part; shaping it. To do this, unfold the sheet of lattice and then cut off each corner at an angle. Meanwhile, prepare two pieces of string to be used to tie the ends of the toy hammock. Using your scissors and the sturdy string either embroidery floss or yarn, cut two strings that are at least 7 inches longer than your hammock.

To follow the angles you cut, stick three small strips of tape under the opposite sides of the hammock. Make sure you leave half of the tape strips available for folding over later. Then place the string along the outer edge of the toy hammock. Now fold the tape over using the available half of the tape strip to secure the string in both sides. Before you secure the angled ends, make sure to tape the middle sections first. Finally, tape or tie the string ends to a post, a hook mounted on the wall, or any object heavy enough to bear the toys’ weight. You have just made a toy hammock; now place a little stuffed toy on it and give it a swing.


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