Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Computers in the Classroom


An ordinary lesson becomes extraordinary with the help of technology. Learning becomes enjoyable and has a lasting effect both to teacher and learners.

Good thing there have been tremendous programs/apps, etc which could be readily available in just a click of a finger. A creative/ resourceful teacher could network with other teachers around the world and teaching/learning becomes global, authentic and real. BUT, there are two sides to look into…


1. Engaging lessons can be had

Using slide presentations, video or voice could add variety in delivering a lesson. Learners are more receptive when taking day’s lesson, more active during activities, and have longer retention of learning. In short, more fun and ways can be had through technology in the classroom.

2. Important teaching tool

Presenting them a video of a process, procedure or what could help teacher do other necessary thing, say planning the next lesson, grading submitted task, constructing test questions, etc.

3. Individualized or differentiated lessons can be had

A classroom is composed of different kinds of learners–fast, moderate and slow–therefore, a creative teacher is obliged to create learning stations meant for different pupils. And, one important tool is a desktop or laptop in a corner for viewing, researching, downloading/uploading files, among others. While the rest are busy learning the lessons through a video presentation, others are busy playing manipulative, hurdling test– for advance pupils, doing remedial instructions for challenged readers or non-numerates.

However, no matter how advantageous computers in the classroom are, still there are downsides to incorporating them in the lesson, so take note of these:


1. Skills in navigating, etc. should be taught

It’s a prerequisite for learners to have skills in booting up/shutting down, using cursor, making slides, connect a printer, among others. Sans these skills would be frustrating for a learner to enjoy learning, and teachers to enjoy teaching.

2. Limited time in using a video etc

Unless the whole video lasts only 1 or two minutes, it should not eat up the whole hour of the lesson. Technology is not meant to replace engagement time or what, but meant to augment learning interest, emphasize a point, show process/places, to mention a few.

There you go.

You may add your own wisdom regarding advantages and disadvantages of using computers in the classroom. Whatever the experiences you have had, what matters most — the journey had become fun and meaningful, both for learners and teacher alike.


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