You're Fired!


We must be cautious though. I believe in what I have dreamed and pondered, but I am just a dumb human, therefore, something is wrong with what I have presented. What is it? I do not know. I can not see the future and something this substantial has never been realized. I have some ideas of how the AVDEV could have been corrupted and abused and I am sure that some of you will be able to present more ideas on the blogs and forums. The more people think about this cause, the more ideas and the better the end result manifests for the good of Joe.

I could potentially see groups of Lobby agents and Party trying to hold rallies asking Joe's to bring their AVDEV with them and hold a vote in concert, trying to influence the masses using propaganda to protect Machine. We must stay away from that scenario. If that situation was ever to arise, we will know beforehand and know to stay away. If someone requests or lures to such rallies or voting parties, you will know Machine is behind the facade.

I also could see Lobby actually lobby Joe. Yep, that means you and me. Hey, pay me. I do not have to vote for what Lobby wants, they have nothing to offer me anyway. Plus if they wish to pay big bucks, Joe's will be making money. But a single Joe's vote is too hard to target and not worth the effort. That's why I think it will be attempted on a massive scale; Targeting like-minded voter Joe's.

The best defense is just to vote how YOU WANT TO. If we implement the ideas I have concocted, I believe that we may be above temptation because we will be financially stable and informed, not such easy targets any longer.

To become Lobby is our goal. As that large aoting block and real-time results of AVDEV polling we have all the cards, because we have the vote.

CAUTION: If for some reason this whole system I have been spewing about is realized and used and somehow it is censored or destroyed or tinkered with, we will then move the real enemies out from the shadows. This way we will see just how deep this goes. I do not know what the future holds, but the ancient sages have told us that 2012 is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius, the age of revelation and enlightenment; They believed that this age would bring a wave about the masses and people will become informed and united to further human causes and efforts. It is going to be the end of the world: the world as we know it. I see a new age of human society, liberated from Machine, in possession of human rights and equality for all citizens of Earth; A globe of free countries warring, sovereign in governance, and driven to succeed as the human race.


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