Making Money With Affiliate Marketing – Why the ScatterGun Approach Does not Work and What You Can Do

There are so many products and services that an individual can make money with as an affiliate. What have you got to lose by trying to promote them all?

One mistake that really dilutes the effectiveness of most affiliate marketers is taking the scattergun approach to affiliate marketing.

Let's define scattergun for a moment. Scattergun: Covering a wide range in a haphazard or ineffective manner.

The scattergun approach is very similar to the "throw enough stuff up against the wall and see what sticks mentality" that plagues so many who are desperate to earn income on the internet.

Here's why this approach does not work. First of all, if you constantly promote products and services that are in direct competition with each other, which one is the best?

This put your subscribers in a quandary when it comes to making a decision that's best for them. The usual result … no decision at all.

Another reason why the scattergun approach is ineffective with affiliate marketing is because it will do more to tear down your credibility as a reliable and trusted source for product recommendations than anything else.

It's one thing to promote products and services that are related to one another as well as offer relevant value to your readers and subscribers, but to promote every product as being the best is definite enough to warrant the action you're looking for and that is A sale.

The best way to set up an effective sales funnel that will result in profits for your affiliate business is to find out what it is people are interested in, what they WANT and then locate other related or complimentary products that will help them to achieve their goals .

Take the time to educate and inform your prospects about the products your recommending and giving them a solid direction to go in and your results will speak for themselves.

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