The Advantages and Disadvantages of the Air Climber Fitness Mini Stepper


The Air Climber is a stepper style way to weight loss and toning by Brenda Dygraf. This apparatus is slightly different from the original Stepper. It offers tension settings for different levels of fitness. It also has an attachment for an upper body workout. While it offers an aerobic workout, it strengthens trunk muscles, gluteous, calf muscles, and muscles around the knee. With the attachment, obliques, triceps and biceps are engaged. Even considering the number of benefits this piece of exercise equipment boasts, there are some who do not find it as useful for them.

While beginners find the product a challenge, other Air Climber reviews indicate that it does not challenge the person at an intermediate or advanced level of fitness. Others find that it does not encourage correct posture to protect the knees and back. Although many exercise beginners are sold by the claims made to lose 10lbs the first week or so, beginners on a budget find $99 to be a bit expensive for such a simple and small piece of equipment. The only way to purchase this fitness aid is through the website.

Those thinking of purchasing this product should read some of the comments made and draw their own conclusions. There is no piece of exercise equipment that can target all the muscle groups of the body and generate an aerobic workout at the same time. A total body makeover requires several components which include: strength training, aerobic workout and of course a proper diet.


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