Punk Clothing Rocks

Love it or hate it, you can’t deny the impact that punk clothing has and while to outsiders it might seem garishly over the top, punks love to make a statement by infusing brash colours with risky design ideas. Modern punk clothes is essentially an update version of the original punk style back in the 1980s and when you see somebody walking down the street in full rock regalia you can guarantee that it will turn heads.

Not everybody that wears these clothes are the rebellious punk that others might believe. As the style relies heavily on design concepts like the use of coloured tartan and the introduction of similarly bright and obvious hairstyles there are a lot of people that have adopted some or all of punk clothing and punk fashion as a way to express their individuality – something that alternative clothing in general aims to provide.

Alternative clothing like t-shirts, dresses, and skirts also borrow heavily from horror genres with zombies and skulls featuring predominantly in fashion designs for this style. Tartan dresses are an obvious addition to the catalogue, although don’t expect to see too many monochrome styles anywhere you look. Punk clothing has also been incorporated into the psychobilly style which is basically a cross over between punk and rockabilly producing an entirely unique and incredibly unusual flavour.

The punk style and these clothes in general are for those people that like to express their individuality and take a kick at the world. While punk may not be as prevalent as it was in the 1980s there is still a very strong underground, alternative following not only for the fashion but for the way of life. Alternatively, some people choose to wear this style because they like it and for no other reason. Whatever the reason, you will find colourful and fun punk clothing.

In fact you will discover that these days punk clothing has mixed and mingled into many other subcultures, bringing us a punk vibe in many styles including skate clothing, goth clothing, psychobilly clothing and new subculture steam punk a style that mixes 1970’s punk rock fashion with Victorian English fashion, believe me it’s a style that your going to love. It’s clear that punks have chosen this style as a rebellion against the commercialism of mainstream fashion, while that ethic has left most punk rockers it’s still alive with a small pocket of hardcore punks.

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