What Happens to Costco Overstock Items?


Costco overstock means items which are last year’s fashions, styles which are now discontinued, even items which might have some slight imperfections. For whatever reason, Costco didn’t sell them, but for you as a consumer or a retailer – that’s great news because Costco overstock can save you huge amounts of money!

One of the best things about Costco overstock is that no one will know that you bought your stuff at discount – all that matters is that you are getting the best price for the goods that you want!

The place to start your search for this bargain hunter’s paradise is to try and find a Costco return/overstock outlet. These places are usually wholesale suppliers who have been brought in by Costco to shift merchandise that they can’t themselves. There’s usually nothing wrong with the merchandise, Costco just need to clear space to sell newer products, and because space costs them money, they get rid of their old stock at massively reduced prices.

As a business, if you would like to buy some Costco overstock to sell to your customers, you’ll be glad to know that huge bargains can be found, and you’ll be able to pass on great savings to your buyers. In this day and age when everyone is looking for more bangs for their buck, if you are providing high quality at low prices, you can bet that you are onto a winner. 

You may have heard people saying that you can get the best prices for Costco overstock at outlet malls, but that’s really not true as outlet malls are not wholesalers, they are simply discount retailers who are offering a price which is less than regular retail. That means that you can purchase items for less by going direct to the Costco return/overstock outlet.

One thing that you should know is that a good wholesale supplier will differentiate between Costco overstock and Costco returns. Returns are generally made up by items which have been used and may have been damaged by the customer, of course, some are just unwanted gifts or the wrong size, but returns will be even cheaper than Costco overstock because they can sometimes be harder to sell.

A great thing about using an American wholesale supplier of Costco overstock is that you know the goods that you are buying are genuine. You are not buying some second rate knock-off, so you can be sure that your customers are going to be happy with the purchases they are making.

Whatever you do, make sure that you are sourcing your items from a reputable wholesale supplier. If they have a great track record, you are going to be far more likely to be happy with their service, and you won’t have to worry that you are simply wasting your money. A good Costco return/overstock outlet is like striking gold, the combination of high quality and low prices is something that your customers just won’t be able to resist and will have your sales shooting to the moon.


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