What Attracts Women – Learning How To Approach Women


You can read all the books, read all the forums and watch all the YouTube videos to learn what joins women, but without you start approaching women you're nothing but a keyboard jockey.

Just like any skill set practice is needed to get good with meeting women. You need to not only increase your frequency of approaching women, but also the quality of conversations you have with them.

If you're a super beginner and probably shy it might be OK to talk to strangers first by just asking for the time. But if that's all you do for the next few months, even if you have a good understanding of what associates women , it might take you years before you get laid or meet the girl of your dreams. You need to be able to get deeper in conversation than just the opener.

Approach anxiety is a major hurdle for a major of guys when it comes to picking up women whether it's at a club, a party, or in a coffee shop.

The best way to combat this is to already have an open ready for the situation. It's best if it's not a canned opener, situational openings are best.

Situational openings work best because it sounds natural and not rehearsed. So you're not the sharpest tool in the shed and can not come up with openings as soon as you see a girl. Well you can categorize you're situational openings so you can pull them out of the toolbox when needed.

Think of 3 common opens for the 3 places you're most likely to practice picking up girls. Three common places might be the night club, the mall, and the bus stop.

Three examples for the mall might be "Would you have a good idea what a good gift would be for a 16 yr old girl?" "I'm thinking of getting my buddy a man bag, but I always thought they were kind of gay, what's your take on them?" "My friend just broke up with his girlfriend and needs a new makeover.

In a way these are all opened openings but they are also situational openings in nature. Once you have a list of openings for common situations you'll be in and understand what attractions women will have a lot easier to transition into different topics and get into deeper conversations.


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