How to Avoid Marketing Tunnel Vision

Focus is essential to manage and profit from from any campaign. Distractions abound from the internet. As a new marketer, overcoming distraction will be key to continued success. But don’t mistake “tunnel vision” for focus. Many marketers new to the business will make this mistake.

One example is running a search just to see where your campaign or niche is showing, clicking through page after page while missing out on a great source of information. “What do all those results above mine have that I don’t?” take the time to investigate, especially the first twelve or so. Remember, not so important is what they’re selling, but how they’re getting results.

Check the content, design, fonts, colors, offers, etc. Check the domain, does that domain consistently show high in rank? Think “Squidoo” or “Youtube”. Shouldn’t you be marketing there? Is there some gadget, device, software, or other niche consistently ranking high? Never restrict yourself to a handful of products or ideas. Keep an open mind and “Read between the pages” so to speak.

Thinking of selling that new product? Is it something you would want to buy? If the sellers pitch page can’t convince you to buy, how can you sell it to anyone else? Sure the $100 dollar commission may look attractive, but no turnovers is no turnovers.

Only if you can enthusiastically write about a product or service, will you convince buyers. Even if the commission is only a few bucks, 20 or 30 sales is great income for an hour spent writing about something you love!

Now listen, if you have yet to earn dollar one online, forget about writing an ebook about making money online. Write about what you know and can become excited about. Establish an internet personality, and get involved in the web community. No matter what your passion, weather it be apple trees or “Chevy Big Blocks”, there is a forum or blog somewhere on the subject. And if not, start one!

What are your intentions? If money is the only goal then it will be more difficult to find. Strive to be helpful and contribute knowledge and wisdom. Someone will always know more than you about any subject. But this will be your own unique contribution, and point of view.

In closing, remember to evaluate your intentions. Be more concerned with value, and the money will follow!

Best of Success!

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