The 26 Fighting Elements of Jeet Kune Do


Jeet Kune Do or the Way of the Intercepting Fist is a martial arts style developed by the late great Bruce Lee. It is because of the creation of this fighting style that made Bruce Lee dubbed as the godfather of mixed martial arts. Jeet Kune Do (or Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do) is a product of 26 martial arts both from the east and the west that Bruce Lee has combined by keeping what he sees as essential and discarding what is not. If you want to train in this form of combat, having an overview of what these 26 martial arts are will help you have a deeper understanding and preparation for learning Jeet Kune Do.

1. Wing Chun

2. Northern Praying Mantis

3. Southern Praying Mantis

4. Choy Li Fut

5. Eagle Claw

6. Tai Chi Chuan (Wu Family Style)

7. Paqua

8. Hsing-I

9. Bak-Hoo Pai (White Crane); Bak Fu Pai (White Tiger)

10. Ng Ga Kuen (The Five Family System)

11. Ny Ying Ga (The Five Animal System)

12. Bak Mei Pai (White Eyebrow)

13. Northern Shaolin

14. Southern Shaolin

15. Book Pai

16. Iaw Horn Kuen

17. Chin Na

18. Monkey Style

19. Drunken Style

20. Western Fencing (Foil)

21. Western Boxing

22. Western Wrestling

23. Jiu-jitsu

24. Escrima

25. Filipino Sikaran

26. Muay Thai (Thai Boxing)

Not all of the techniques that each of these styles were taken by Bruce Lee to create Jeet Kune Do. He only adopted some of their techniques that he deemed simplest and most economical in the four combat ranges of punching range, kicking range, grappling range, and trapping range.


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