Men's Coats – The Finishing Touch

Finishing Touches

Men's coats come in many sizes, shapes and colors. There are short casual bombers or tailor metro-sexual men's coats; there are mid-length leather jackets that ooze confidence and success; there is the men's long dress coat and then a variety of sport specific rainbow colored jackets that no fashion conscious sportsman would be without. Whether you are bombing down the ski hill on your snowboard or on your way to the board room the right coat men's coat can finish your look and give you the confidence to be your best on either.

Be Prepared

Ideally, purchase two men's coats. All-weather trench coats work well with suits for mild rainy weather and a full-length winter coat for cold snowy days. While you will find double and single-breasted styles, the fashion right now is for single. Choose what suits your body type best. Not sure? Ask for professional help; ask a significant other or informative sales clerk to help you find the perfect men's coat that works best for you and your wardrobe.

The Fall Trench Coat

A man's fall trench coat should be made of good weatherproof cotton canvas. It may have a belted waist and button front or may resemble the Austrian outback coat and drape from the shoulder. Again make a choice that is flattering for you. For less frequent cleaning choose dark colors such as blue, black, brown or green.

A Winter Dress Coat

A winter dress coat should have made wool or down and the longer the coat, usually the more formal it is. Choose a dark color that compliments your wardrobe and your coloring. Coats in dark shades of blue, gray and black are good for cool skin tones and those who have a warmer skin tone, or naturally red hair can wear beige, dark green and brown. To make a statement, make an investment in a soft cashmere winter warmer men's coat.

Fur Coats

Men's fur coats may have once been a statement of wealth and power. Now wearing the skin of an animal makes a statement of ignorance and lack of care for the environment. Fur may have once been a necessity, now it is a potentially dangerous frivolity. Protestors and PETA activists single out those wearing fur coats and attack them with slander and spray paint. Stick to wool, no one had to die for it and you will not risk being politically incorrect.

The Right Jacket for the Right Occasion

Another fashion faux pas' includes trying to wear a parka, hoodie or jean jacket with a suit. No matter what you have seen on the cover of a magazine this is not an appropriate choice to cover a tailor suit.

Find your style

Find your style, your colors and show your personality in your outerwear. For much of the year your coat is really the first impression that you offer when you walk into a room. Orchestrate that impression and buy the best that you can afford.

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