How to Slam Dunk

How to slam dunk? After a grueling week of doing some slam dunk workouts and exercises, now you had achieved your goal. Your lower body strength has developed so much that you can now control your vertical leap that instead of jumping a mere 10-inch, now you can do a 45-inch vertical leap.

Apart from that, your upper body strength has developed too that you can now control the ball stronger than ever. You can now reach the backboard even higher than the rim itself, but you are not a skilled dunker. So what is the next step to doing a slam dunk?

Here are some tips for the future slam dunk artist who wants to be like Mike.

Jump through a run

If you stand underneath the rim and jump, then chances are your jump will be lower. The main reason for this is because your body is not in motion. So as the secret to jumping even higher, jump through a run. Distance yourself from the rim and run fast then leap high, you would notice that you jump higher than doing a motion jump.

Cuff the ball

Who says only persons with huge hands can dunk. No, it is not true. For small-handed people, the secret to gripping the ball is to cuff it between your palm and your wrist. So you no longer have to worry about losing your grip when flying in the air for the dunk.

Now, we hope that with this information we were able to provide you with answers to your question – how to slam dunk?

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