Successful Marketing Ideas

The search for successful marketing ideas is, happily, an endless one. And there are many opportunities to learn from the search as the days turn into weeks which evolve into months.

And while great direct marketing specialists and webmasters with superior internet marketing ploys that they use on every occasion, sometimes the most successful marketing ideas are the simplest ones. Like quick thank you notes, and telephone calls and emails making sure clients and customers are 'all set' and have no needs at the moment.

When businesses figure out that customers are long term investments that need to be 'watered' in order to grow, they start putting on more of a human face. More of the human touch, even for the largest of companies, does wonders from a perception versus reality framework.

So while there will now always be a need for the less human marketing devices (like the autoresponder and the email and the internet and the old Blackberry) it is more and more true that companies are figuring out (on their search) that the most successful marketing ideas all have fingerprints to them.

More real handwriting on sales letters. More open invitations to stop by the corporate environment to see how things really run. More honest exposure. All of which allows the company to be seen as real, and living and breathing.

Crossing the boundary from cold calculating monolith to understanding entity is one of the MOST successful marketing ideas there ever was … and ever will be.

Do not be afraid to go and visit the web sites of many of the Fortune 100 companies and verify that what I'm saying is coming more and more every day. And what a great thing that is!

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