PUA Training – The Day Game


To begin PUA training you have to start some where. The best place to start is with the day game. The day game means picking up girls in the day time. Now there are different rules for each different game but this game is by far the easiest game to implement. Now you would probably think that the clubs and bars would be the best place to pick up girls. Usually there lots of girls there to talk to but there is also loud music and less of a chance that you will be able to talk one on one with them. There is also the fact there are many men like yourself trying to talk to them which makes this harder. In the day time there many women by themselves and many of them that might be easier to talk too. There are lots of benefits when trying to pick up girls in the day time.


1. You meet women where you naturally are during your day, which means you have things in common right off the back.

2. You have a better chance to talk with them by themselves. There are lots of women walking around by themselves.

3. You do not have an environment that works against you the ways bars do. In bars and clubs you have to fight the noise, the crowds, the drunk guys, the music, the haters, among other things.

4. Women are more liable to speak with you because there more relaxed during the day.

There are a lot of women for the taking so approach them with confidence. Now in order for you to become a master at the day game you have to be able to pick up girls in the day time. You can start talking to every girl that catches your interest outside but sometimes it might be difficult if they are not around you. So it is best to locate the spots where there are lots of girls.

Places to look:

1. Malls

2. Events

3. Parks

4. Shopping places

5. Fast food places

6. Movie theaters

7. Public Places

Now in order for you to actually pick them up you have to go for it and stop worrying about rejection or anything like that. Everyone is a human so think of them like that. If you approach them and they do not want to talk, just move on and find someone else. The most important thing is that you approach them calm and have confidence in yourself. Usually lots of men stand around watching them walk by for the first few times when they attempt to do this. As long as you try you will have made more progress than not trying at all so take a chance. The day game is a good way to start and some of your skills can help you improve your night game.


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