WoW Quest Guide – Help For Early Level World of Warcraft Quests

Some World of Warcraft quests are better than others, this wow quest guide will give you some insight to make your questing experience more enjoyable.

If you have some experience in World of Warcraft or any other role playing game that involves quests, you probably know what it’s like to fight your way through a quest only to find that the reward for the quest is of little to no use to you. Avoiding quests that are of little use to your chosen character class can speed up your character leveling greatly. This WoW quest guide will help you with this and other questions pertaining to World of Warcraft quests.

No matter which type of character class you are playing, take every quest you can get during the first 5 or so levels just to get your character off to a good start. This will also give you a good feel of how to play your particular character. As you get closer to the level 10 mark, World of Warcraft quests will start to get a little more complicated and longer. At this time you might consider being a bit more choosy as to which quests you wish to embark on. Ask fellow gamers and friends about the quest available to you to help decide if you wish to do it. But if you are playing with a group, you might as well just do whatever quests come along since questing in a group is usually much easier than questing solo.

To me, questing never seems to get old. There are always new creatures, NPC’s (Non Player Characters) and cool item’s to discover in World of Warcraft quests. I even enjoy just marveling at the incredible graphics and scenery throughout World of Warcraft. But lets not lose focus about what this wow quest guide is all about, helping you complete your World of Warcraft quests.

Some players find questing to be a bit boring or even tedious, while others (like me) can’t get enough of it. If you are one of those who think questing is a drag, consider making a few changes that might bring new light to an otherwise dim task. Perhaps you are not playing your character correctly, making questing more difficult? Maybe you should be questing solo more often rather than in a group, or vise versa?

WoW quest guide to solo or group play:

Not all character classes are equal when it comes to questing.

The Paladin in my opinion is probably the best class when it comes to playing solo. Paladins are very capable melee fighters and have their auras to assist them in combat, which is very helpful when your all by yourself.

The Rogue is also a very capable solo class as it has very good DPS (Damage Per Second) and stealth to escape from difficult situations.

The Shaman being the most well rounded class can handle pretty much any situation to a certain degree, and can certainly hold it’s own as a soloing character.

The Warrior is a reasonably good soloing class but it lacks magic and healing abilities which are a absolute plus when it comes to soloing.

The Hunter can solo OK but has to do it very defensively, using a divide and conquer type strategy.

The Druid is a capable solo class but tends to level quite slow in solo play.

The Priest, Mage and warlock are usually best off playing with a group and should keep solo playing to a minimum.

I hope this WoW quest guide has given you a basic idea of how to successfully handle the various World of Warcraft quests and make questing more fun.

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