Remove Porn From a Mac Instantly


The World Wide Web is a portal to almost anything and everything that we thought we couldn’t get our hands on. With LAN technology and instant access to every website online, those who are especially good with computers can even find the best sources of porn on the net without having to worry about viruses or sneaky malware getting into their system. So they download and download day and night without a care in the world, but as long as there are possibilities of unknown access, hacking, and other people accidentally opening your porn directory then there is a need to either Remove Porn from Mac completely or move it to a different location.

Learning how to Remove Porn from Mac or PC is quite easy but with different procedures, of course. For this article, we will be concentrating on how to Remove Porn from Mac since a lot of people who are into graphics, videos, and who want the best quality for their media would turn to Macbooks now. Here are some tips and ideas on how to completely remove or hide the porn from prying eyes:

o If you are sharing your computer with another person then it’s time to hide them in a different directory or location. You may think that the person won’t snoop around your files, but once you leave your place in front of your Mac there’s no telling what could happen. What you can do is to make multiple accounts or users for you, your companions, and even a secret user just to store your porn in.

o If you’ve created hidden accounts for your porn collection, enable Fast User Switching so that you can switch back and forth whenever you want to view your files.

o To be able to hide your porn even more from others, you can encrypt your files for two very good reasons: 1) Your files will be hidden from Spotlight searches and experienced hackers online, and 2) it will be able to encrypt the data itself so that those who use programs and techniques to retrieve encrypted files won’t be able to do so.

o If you want to completely Remove Porn from Mac, then you’re going to have to download trusted software that can completely remove traces of pornography from directories all over your hard drive. You have to make sure that the program is compatible with Mac OS X to be able to effectively trace the files and folders and delete them completely.

Of course, the best method on how to prevent people from viewing anything from your computer is to not download and save any of those files in the first place. If having a collection of porn isn’t that important, then there is no need to keep them in there as they take up a lot of space and memory in your Mac. If you’re still unsure on how to Remove Porn from Mac, there are tons of articles and websites that specifically cater to Mac users online.


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