Fun Family Activities For Sarasota Residents

The City of Sarasota is a relaxing community, and offers many amenities of big-city living, making it a perfect place for the family to relax and have fun.

In Sarasota, families can indulge in the pleasure of basking the wonderful sunsets, breathtaking pristine beaches, excellent residences and real estate choices, art museums and galleries, cultural activities like operas, plays, ballets, musicals, symphony orchestras, and a wide array of outdoor participant sports activities.

Sarasota Is A Family Sports And Recreational Hub

Indulging in sports is a major leisure activity that most families look forward to, and they are aplenty in Sarasota. The city has a healthy mix of sports activities such as baseball, volleyball, biking, tennis, football, polo, ice hockey, and golf. The golf courses in Sarasota have been listed in Florida Golf News' Top 20 courses, with its collection of professionally designed courses. There are also many different venues where people can enjoy and perform other sports activities that they would wish to do.

The Beaches Are World-Famous

Sarasota and its nearby islands, or keys, abound with a lot of wonderful pristine, white-sand beaches where families can go swimming, boating, sunbathing, or play water sports. Sarasota has 35 miles of waterfront, which include 13 public beaches, from Longboat Key to Lido and Siesta Keys.

A Haven For Shopping And Leisure

Shopping is aa major leisure activity that families like doing. In Sarasota there are a lot of shopping choices, and families can find a lot of things to buy, from buying antiques and art pieces, to clothes, sports, outdoor equipment and historical memorabilia. The city has around 30 art galleries and museums, making it a perfect spot for families to indulge in viewing and visiting shops and displays which show a lot from Asian art to classical paintings and circus memorabilia.

The City Is The Arts And Culture Haven Of Florida

For music lovers, whether they crave for classical or jazz music, the choices are splendid. Music lovers could choose to see the Florida West Coast Symphony, Key Chorale, Gloria Musicae, the Jazz Club of Sarasota, Sarasota Ballet of Florida, Sarasota Blues Society, Sarasota Opera Association, or the Sarasota Concert Band.

Theater buffs can also have their fill by watching the Foreign Film Festival, the Asolo Theater Company, Florida Studio Theater, Island Players, Lemon Bay Playhouse, or Theater Works.

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