The 70s Theme Will Bring Back Big Hair And Disco

A 70s theme should include bell bottoms, rock and roll, long hair on boys and girls, bean bag chairs, all things disco, or Farrah Fawcett dos … These things are all the stuff of which a great 70s theme party is made!

Tye dyed shirts, rainbows, afro and hippie wigs, fringed, raveled jeans with extra wide bells … these things defined a nation as change and controversial rang bells, changed lives, and created a generation of the best and brightest with ideals over the moon, and ambition to match!

All these things can combine to create a 70s theme sure to give your guests a real blast from the past!

Hang a disco ball, put on the movie "Staying Alive" or any disco CD, and do the Latin Hustle Bump, wearing your famous throw back leisure suit and printed nylon shirt, or bell bottom wranglers, and dance the night away to a decidedly 70s beat! Look back in time with a classic 70s theme trivia game.

Always a good choice for 70s theme party games, Name that song, seventies style, or a karaoke / disco dance contest! Just play snippets of songs or movie or TV themes, and let guests guess which music matches which song or show! The guest who gets the most correct answers wins the prize. Another option is to play a snip of a song, stop the music, and see if the guest which turn it is can finish the lyric!

Serving period foods, candies, and drinks really can be a huge hit at 70s theme parties. Fondue featuring chunks of smoked sausage or bread chunks dipped into melted cheese fondue, or fruit or angel food cubes dipped into chocolate are great choices. Bowls or baskets of period candies like Marathon bars, Caravelle bars, or even Ding Dongs, and Mello Yello or apple beer can surely take your guests back into the 70s!

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