How to Remove Protection Center – Removal Guide

You would normally acquire Protection Center malware through accessing malicious websites. It gets through your computer as a Trojan. This particular fakeware is closely related to Digital protection and Dr. Guard just to name a few and It has a complete family of such fake software!

Once Protection Center enters your computer, it would conduct a scan of your system. Be reminded that this is a fake scan that would lead to fake results. After the scanning is complete it would then produce results of fake infections claiming to have been spotted in your computer system.

It can really be alarming if you do not know what you're dealing with. Especially when it starts producing pop-ups on the task bar and giving your security warning prompts. Sometimes its objective is to get you to visit its fake site so that you can download the full version of the malware.

You will be asked to purchase Protection Center since the version existing on your computer system right now is still not the full version. Do not be fooled by it. Obviously it's a scam for money. It's a trick into getting you to spend money. The worst part, even if you did purchase and download the full version, it still will not clean or fix the problem.

There is no point in ignoring it, because the problem will not go away and you will not be able to run most software on your system. So you will need to get it out completely from your system. Tendency the malware will do more damage if lasts any longer in your computer. It is highly advised that you do an automatic removal using a trusted spyware that can do the job.

Using an automatic removal software is good for you because it will not take too much of your time. You will not have to worry about a thing since the trusted software will do the work for you. Be confident that it will complete the task for you and completely remove the annoying malware from your computer.

Another way of removing it is through manual process. But take note that if you decide to use this approach, you must make sure that you are indeed an expert with computers and their systems. You can end having more problems trying to fix the problem rather than resolving them. If you want to follow manual steps, please do the followings:

1. Start your computer in safe mode.
2. Click on Start -> Run, type 'regedit' and click on OK to run Registry Editor. In registry editor, please delete the infected keys.
3. Please delete the following locations from your computer:

c -> Program Files -> Protection Center

4. Do a complete scan of your computer using a automatic removal tool to make sure there is no trace of this fakeware on your computer.

Be advised that the manual process does not guarantee an absolute fix and if you do not do it carefully, you will be back to square.

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