Printing With Style Without Spending Too Much

Since the time I learned about computers and printing outputs, I always thought that expensive printers are the only way to print with quality. But last year I was proved wrong. It is not necessarily true. Last year, I decided to buy my own printer but I was low on my budget. So I made a survey at the internet caf├ęs in my municipality. Although they differed on the brand and model of their printers, most of them were satisfied with their printer. The most common brands of printer they were using by that time were HP DeskJet, Cannon and Epson.

For the HP DeskJet, there were three models present, D1660, D2660 and D2545. The cheapest among these three is the D1660 which cost 30 US dollars. It only has a power button and weighs 9 pounds. It is small on size and only has one tray which is use both for input and output area. Using two ink cartridges, the tricolor cartridge and the black cartridge, its speed and quality is fair enough. But given the volume of its ink, the number of pages it can print is considerately low which makes one think twice before buying it. A more upgraded version of D1660 is D2660 which cost approximately 10 US dollars more than the D1660. With this printer, the user can utilize the cancel and resume button on the printer. With a printing speed rate of at least 20 pages per minute both color and black printing, this printer is considered as one of the fastest cheap printers available today. It weighs a pound more than its ancestor and unfortunately faulty and jams frequently which destroy its reputation as a reliable printer. The last highlighted model of HP DeskJet is the D2545 which is also called the "green printer". Being green means it's ecologically advantageous due to most of its raw materials is from recycled plastics. However its cartridges worth 30 US dollars which makes you doubt in keeping this printer for it cost only 15 US dollars more than the cartridge.

There is one Cannon model that got my attention, the Pixma iP3600. This printer has two paper input options. You can choose on either the paper tray or the feeder. You can have this photo printer for as low as 80 US dollars. By its name, you already know that this printer has a better quality output than the first three models mentioned above. It is one of the cheapest photo printers in the market. It utilizes 5 inks, red, yellow, blue and two blacks. It has good speed for a photo printer and has a "user friendly" interface. The only thing you need to worry for this printer is that it takes a little while to run but other than that, it proves to be efficient on its expected tasks.

For the Epson brand, Workforce 30 is more preferred for the cheap printers. This printer is very durable. It is a fast printer and can print photo neatly. However this printer also jams and smudges so it may be a little annoying for the user. Replacing its 4 ink tanks will cost you 50 US dollars so you will find it a lot expensive than the other cheap cartridges, although, this printer only cost around 70 US dollars which makes it cheaper for its worth.

I bought the HP DeskJet D2660 as a trial and it works just fine for me. I will try other models and brands in the future. A printer is a printer regardless of its other functions but you do not have to suffer for the quality because of your budget. It might be cheap but it will never be out of style.

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