Do not Let Health Excuses Become a Barrier to Your Success – Power of Positive Thinking

"But My Health is not good." Health excuses range all the way from the chronic "I do not feel good," to the more specific "I have got such and such wrong with me."

"Bad" health, in a thousand different forms, is used as an excuse for failing to do what a person wants to do, failing to accept greater responsibilities, failing to make more money, failing to achieve success or just another Defense Mechanism to escape from one's Obligations and Responsibilities.

Millions and Millions of people suffer from Health Excuses. But is it, in most cases, a Legitimate Excuse? Think for a moment of all the highly successful people you know who could- but who do not- use Health as an Excuse.

All Physicians and Surgeons say the perfect specimen of Adult Life is Non-Existent. There is something physically wrong with everyone. Many surrenders in whole or in part to Health Excuses but Success- Thinking People do not.

For instance, the Correct and Incorrect Attitude towards Health can be Detrimental.

Incorrect Attitude: – A young Chap of about 30 visited a psychiatrist and said, "I have got a bad heart, and I have got to hold myself in check." He went on to explain that he'd seen four doctors but they could not find his trouble and asked what he should do.

The psychiatrist said to him that "I know nothing about the heart, but as one layman to another, here are three things I do." First, I'd visit the finest heart specialist I could find and accept his diagnosis as final. You've already checked with four doctors and none of them has found anything with your heart. Let the fifth doctor be your final check. It may very well be you have got a perfectly sound heart. , you may often have a very serious heart ailment.

The second thing I'd recommend is "Emotions Management". Three out of every four hospital beds are occupied by "EII" or "Emotionally induced Illness" people who are sick right now would be well if they had learned how to handle their emotions.

"Third, I'll resolve to live until I die." Declare to yourself "I am going to live until I die and I am not going to get life and death confused. While I am on this earth I am going to live."

Correct Attitude: – On the other hand, after the noise of the take-off, one of the passengers turned a tickling sound. Rather startled, he glanced at the fellow sitting next to him, for the sound seemed to be coming from him.

The second fellow smoked a big smile and said, "Oh, it's not a bomb, it's just my heart."

Further, he said and assured, just 21 days before, I had undergone an operation which involved putting a plastic valve into my heart. The tickling sound, he explained would continue for several minutes until new tissue had grown over the artificial valve. The first fellow passenger asked him what he was going to do.

"Oh," he said, "I have got big plans. I am going to study law when I get back to my country. but after that, I'll be like new. "

There are two ways of meeting the health problems. The first fellow, not even sure he had anything organically wrong with him, was worried, depressed, on the road to defeat, wanting somebody to second his motion that he could not go forward. The second individual, after undergoing one of the most difficult operations, was optimistic, eager to do something. The difference lay in how they thought towards health: – Attitude about Health!

Therefore, it is warned that "Diabetes or any other lifestyle-related ailment is a physical condition, but the largest damage results from having a negative attitude towards the same.

There are two kinds of people; one who has a very mild case belong to that fraternity of the living dead. Obsessed with a fear of the weather, he is usually ridiculously bundled up. He's afraid of infection, so he shuns anyone who has the slightest sniffle. He's afraid of overexertion, so he does almost nothing. He sees most of his mental energy worried about what might happen. He bores other people telling them "How Awful" his problem really is. His real ailment is not Diabetes. Rather, he's a victim of Health excuses. He has pitied himself into being invalid.

The other extreme is a division manager for a large publishing company. He has a severe case; he takes about 30 times as much insulin as the fellow mentioned above. But he is not living to be sick. He is living to enjoy his work and have fun. One day he said, "Sure it is an inconvenience, but so is shaving. But I am not going to think myself to bed.

A Widely known college educator came home from Europe in 1945 minus one arm. Despite his handicap, John is always smiling and helping others. He's about as optimistic as anyone can be. One day he discussed with one of his friend about his handicap. "It's just an arm," he said. "Sure two are better than one. But they just cut off my arm. My spirit is 100 percent intact.

Another Amputee person is an excellent Golfer. One day somebody asked him how he had been able to develop such a near-perfect style with just one arm. He was asked that most Golfers with two arms could not do nearly as well. He replied, "Well, it's my experience, that the right attitude and one arm will beat the wrong attitude with two arms every time". Think about that for a while. It holds true not only on the Golf course but in every facet of life.

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