How To Promote A Martial Arts Club On A Budget

I've worked with many martial arts clubs in recent years, giving them ideas on how to put together an effective recruitment drive, as well as creating general awareness around town of who the club is and what they do. While I'm not all that great at martial arts, I've managed to help plenty of my customers improve their image and get their message across, sharing with them a few basic but very important points that can make all the difference when it comes to recruiting new members.

Point number one is that "First impressions last". So take a moment to think about how your promotions team come across when they're out leafleting in the street or knock on doors. Do they look the part? Are they wearing their own clothes, smart scruffy or otherwise? Sometimes they would look better wearing branded clothing, for example a t-shirt or hoody printed with your club logo, and website address (see below). You can get these items printed up pretty cheaply and the investment is definitely worth it.

Does your club have a website? A website is a useful tool for giving further info once a prospect has read your flyer or leaflet. It's an ideal opportunity to build trust by giving genuine testimonials from existing members, and even use videos to convey the message that you are a professional and welcoming outfit.

Finally, do all of your existing members know that you are recruiting? Offer incentives to members who refer friends and family to the club. This need not be a monetary reward, but despite a promotion or extra responsibilities in a leadership role can be reward enough.

Inky's T-Shirt Printing is a company specializing in producing custom printed clothing which can help you to promote your club. If you run a martial arts club, why not check out the website for more information.

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