Internet – A Boon Or a Curse?


Internet has entered lives of millions of people and effectively transforming their complex tasks into simpler ones. Earlier doing research involves several tiring library trips. But, with the advent of internet it seems like a cool breeze. Similarly, before the arrival of internet communicating your distant living loved ones was a tedious as well as expensive task. But, emails have made things easier and affordable at the same time.

In earlier times, military intelligence used to hold the services of internet. But now one can easily explore the entire cyberspace with computer attached with modem and a telephone connection. Internet has made the world a smaller place to live. Moreover, those who are successful during this internet boom have also made quite good money.

Internet is undoubtedly offering a whole lot of advantages but there are negatives too. Personal communication is being affected the most. Another serious issue which is growing adversely with internet is pornography. A recently conducted survey has revealed that approximately 30% of websites carry sex based stuff which is a serious threat for our future generations. It really needs some immediate step and look out for the appropriate remedy.

In order to keep check on such sites censorship software is also available in the market, such as Netnanny, SurfWatch etc. But, unfortunately government is not taking the issue of pornography on internet seriously and it is affecting the young minds adversely. They are becoming addicted about it and are also getting distracted from their studies. Thus, it is a serious matter and needs to be considered effectively.

On the other hand, internet is also playing key role in the constantly growing economy as innumerable internet based companies are evolving and giving business as well as employment. Although, internet offers some mind boggling benefits, still its negatives are unavoidable and needs to be considered instantaneously.


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