Preschool Activities

Preschool age is a good age to get your kids interested in writing and reading. By starting early you can lay strong learning foundations at a young age. Whatever you are teaching the kids, use a step by step approach. Do not expect them to run before they start walking. Let me give you an example to clarify what I am saying here – let's say you want to teach them alphabets. Do not start with alphabets. First concentrate on developing their fine motor skills. Get them to draw simple lines, circles, zig zag lines, tracing etc. Do this for a few weeks and then slowly move to alphabets and numbers.

When they are writing, concentrate on their pencil grip as well and make sure they get that right. It will take a long time for the kids to develop a proper grip – just keep correcting them and in time they will get it.

Preschool worksheets can be quite helpful to teach the kids various new things – from alphabets to numbers to language development. Do not hand over the worksheets and expect them to complete the task. Sit with them, help them and participate in the activity as much as you can. It will also make the activity a fun exercise. Plus this way you can also monitor their progress.

Do not over do the activity though. Spend only a limited amount of time each day. It is important that kids enjoy the exercise otherwise they will soon start hating the entire learning process – and this is not good news. If your children have older siblings then you can get them to do their activity when the older ones are doing their school work.

Do not stick to a rigid scheduled – going with the flow usually works for me. Some days they might not want to do any writing – and that that is okay. May be do some painting or reading on these days. See how you child is on that day and adjust your teaching scheduled accordingly.

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