CCTV Surveillance Systems Monitor People Too

CCTV Surveillance Systems

Many stores utilize CCTV Surveillance Systems to prevent shrinkage in the store. This shrinkage can be from either shoplifting or employee theft. What many owners of CCTV Surveillance Systems do not realize is that the CCTV system monitor people too and can be utilized for several other ancillary tasks. These ancillary tasks provide a direct cost benefit to the organization and must be a consideration when a CCTV system is contemplated for purchase.

In today's mobile society, one of the requisites for a successful business is having enough parking area for the customers' vehicles. Through the utilization of a CCTV system that observes the parking area in front of the establishment, the owner can determine if there is sufficient, convenient parking for the customers. This knowledge can allow the business owner to create parking protocols for the staff to insure that there is sufficient convenient parking for customer vehicles.

Many business owners have a general idea as to when the "busy hours" of their business are. Most have no idea other than the generalization "Friday afternoon is busy" as to what the traffic flow is in their store. This traffic flow can be determined through the use of the CCTV system. A manager can review tapes and a manual count made of everyone entering the door and the time and date of that entry. A better solution is that the camera that monitors the door can have a built in motion detector. The motion detector can detect someone entering the store and provide an output to an electronic counter. This counter will provide time and date that it was tripped to count. This data can be electronically gathered and charts of traffic flow can then be created. The amount of staff on the floor can then be adjusted to the traffic count into the store. These adjustments of sales staff will insure better customer service, which in turn will mean repeat sales for the store.

In many cases, the owner or managers of the store do not know what the staff is doing when they are out of visual contact with the staff. Many times the staff will be very busy when owner or manager is present, but what are they doing when they are out of sight? The use of a CCTV system can answer that question. CCTV cameras placed throughout the store, including in break rooms, storage areas and at entrances can often answer that question. Through the utilization of the CCTV system, the owner and managers can simply look up from their desk and determine where the staff is and what the staff is accomplishing. The utilization of a CCTV system provides a simple, expedient method of monitoring the staff.

CCTV Surveillance Systems do cut down on shoplifting and in store shrinkage. The CCTV Surveillance Systems also permit additional benefits to both owners and managers. Determinations of customer flow and employee conduct can also be made. These additional benefits are of great value to any store owner. Did you learn something about CCTV Surveillance Systems?

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