Satin Knickers – An Intimate Gift

Satin knickers or panties as they are more often called make one of the most intimate gifts for yourself or your partner. Satin feels so soft and smooth against the skin which makes it the ideal material for ladies lingerie. Knickers is a term that is perhaps more closely associated with the older style of panties like classic French styles or French knickers as they are in fact called. These beautiful pieces of lingerie have wide legs that are usually trimmed with delicate feminine lace and small side slits for ease of movement. This design makes them ideal for wearing under skirts or dresses and they look lovely when worn with a matching satin camisole adorned with the same pretty lace.

The most elaborate satin knickers are those you may have seen worn as part of the "can can dancer" or showgirl costumes trimmed with layers and layers of frothy frilly lace. Glimpsed under multi layered petticoats, worn over silky shiny stockings and full suspender belts they are quite an erotic eyefull. This was probably one of the earliest forms of legal titillation under the guise of artistic license. Is it any wonder that the men clamored for the seats at the front of the theater. The sight of all that satin, lace and nylon adorning those beautiful legs would have been (and still is) enough to raise the pulse of any red blooded male spectator.

When it comes to satin knickers the French get top marks every time. They took a once boring item of female attire and changed it into something evocative and feminine. They where arguably the first people to make bloomers out of pure silk! During the second world war many a parachute was recycled into items of silky feminine lingerie by entering seamstresses all over France. Whilst the rest of Europe was content to soldier on wearing industrial strength undergarments made from surplus ministry of defense cargo strapping, the resourceful French were lounging around in decadent pure silk luxury.

There is some great news for all you lovers of satin knickers out there. For those of you who adore the look and feel of soft smooth silky satin against your skin. There are literally thousands of different styles and colors of satin knickers available from the many online lingerie stores. These online lingerie emporiums have grown out of a global demand for everything and anything in silk or satin. Many of these specialist outlets will gladly make to measure these soft silky satin knickers to your own design for a perfect fit whatever your shape or size.

Everyone desires a little indulgence now and again so why should not you treat yourself to a pair of silky satin knickers made just for you. The internet and online shopping has made it easy to buy all those silk or satin delights in total confidence so you guys will not have to loiter sheepishly around the lingerie counter anymore. You have no excuse for not treating that special someone to a gift of some beautiful silky satin knickers.

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