Learn How To Tan Safely


Finally summer has arrived, the sun is warm and inviting and we can ditch that heavy clothing. It's the season to enjoy the outdoors and enjoy that sun. But the trick is to tan safely and enjoy the sun safely.

There are so many terms related to tanning, sun tan lotions, and the whole industry. Have you ever wondered what the difference between SPF and UV index is? Here's some tanning terms to help you understand the industry lingo. Then you can be on your way to being that sexy goddess or god with that deep golden tan.

We'll start by defining tanning. Do not laugh it's an important lingo term. A tan occurs when your skin absorbs UV rays [ultraviolet radiation]. As the UV rays penetrate your skin produces melanin which darkens the outer layers. Funny thing is we all see that darkening as a healthy tan but infact it is a sign of damaged skin. In actuality it is the beginning of a burn.

Well that little bit tid bit is not going to stop the sun worshiper so then you'll need to understand what the UV index is. This is just a scientific measurement with a big fancy name that tells us how much UV rays is reaching the earth at certain time during the day.

UV is not visible but it is always present at some level. UV rays actually consist of UVA and UVB rays. Experts say they are both bad so you'll need to protect against both.

The UV index is on a scale of 10. The higher the number the stronger the rays and the more exposure you will have. If the index is really high you need to be really careful because it will not take long to burn. And how attractive is the red tan with the peel effect?

SPF is how suntan lotions are rated. It stands for sun protection factor. All suncreens have a number from 4 to 30. The higher the number the higher the protection. The level of protection you will need is based on your skin and how fast you normally burn. People that tan easily and never burn can use a 4 but a fair skinned person who thinks sun and get red is going to need a 30.

The difference between sunscreen and sunblock also needs to be explained as they are totally different products.

Sunscreen comes in a lotion, oil, or cream and has an SPF rating attached to it. It reacts with the sun creating a barrier that you can not see. How strong the barrier depends on how strong the SPF. The lower the number the less protection.

Most sunscreens tell you to apply 20 minutes before going out and if you swimming you need to reapply when you come out of the water. You can also buy waterproof sunscreen which lasts longer.

Sunblock on the other hand has no SPF rating because it just does what it says it blocks the sun's UV rays completely. This is thick and gooey. You've seen people with it on their noses and lips.

Where you have to be careful is some sunscreens that are a 15 or higher will be marked as a sunblock but this is totally not true! If you are looking for a sunblock then look for a bottle that has no SPF rating.

So go play in the sun, enjoy that warm weather, even get that golden tan if you must, but do it smartly and safely!


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