I Am Going To SCREAM!

In my consultations with our Chiropreneurs, I find it disturbing that so many will "warn" me that August will not be good, or December is lousy for the office and then they actually, expect their offices to do poorly.

Yet, after studying actual reports for the past seven years, I can say with certainty that August is one of the busiest months in terms of performance: thirty one days, no holidays, except for my birthday, no weather challenges, and parents with children are in the habit of looking to September as the beginning of a new school year.

Here's the reality, August is a great month for your business …

so why do some Chiropreneurs overlook this month of opportunity?

It's the space between your ears! It's your mindset. it's your belief structure.

Frankly, there should never be any month that is blown off. There are no bad months in chiropractic. Back problems DO NOT disappear because it is August or some other month that you have lowered your expectations.

Think about this really hard: just because thousands of people in your marketplace may have left town on the same day or week for vacation, that still leaves thousands more who have not left until the following week or next month!

The belief that "the town becomes a deserted, ghost town" defies intellectual logic – everyone does not go away, you do not need a thousand or even a hundred new patients that week, ten would be just fine, and how will you convince me or your TEAM, for that matter that at any given time, there are not 10 or more people who can benefit from your brand of chiropractic?

Now, if you need to do more marketing or get more creative on how to attract the "backs" that are left in town, then do it. But, the reality is that there are more than enough backs at anytime of the YEAR for you to recruit, if you have the right attitude? Yes or Yes?

You can execute a Back Pack Marketing Plan, you can schedule and host scoliosis screenings … this is a mandatory requirement in many states and is widely known and accepted virtually everywhere.

You can sponsor and host a health fair event, as a public service and align yourself with a charity and donate the procedures.

You can feature information in your weekly newspaper column. You can host a workshop, screening or event for the "weekend warriors" who are working in their yards … maybe a "yard sale," play baseball and doing other "honey do's," like garage cleaning, house painting, etc.

Here's what all successful corporations in America know and you should: when you know that business is generally more difficult during certain times of the year, do you DECREASE or INCREASE your marketing efforts?

YOU INCREASE! Duh. Yes, it may cost you more per new patient, but, which is better a lower profit on each new patient, or no profit at all?

It's funny but true. When business is good, most Chiropreneurs will reduce their marketing efforts. When business is bad, most Chiropreneurs will reduce their marketing efforts. This is not how successful businesses thrive. Continuous and repetitive marketing is a constant and it it increased when seasonal issues impact your marketplace.

Your marketing planner should reflect any bias you have for any specific month including August. Work with your TEAM to set goals for the month and make each month a HUGE success, and this will set the tempo and create the energy through the year!

As I am fond of quoting … "Argue for your limitations and, your limits will win."

Now, get at it. Where are the people who are still in town? Parks, baseball fields, picnics, supermarkets, school shopping, doctor visits, hospital visits, fitness centers, restaurants … identify where the people are and you know where to be!

Change your perceptions and you change your exit! It's that simple.

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