How To Start A Cartridge Refilling Franchise In Philadelphia

Philadelphia was the capital of the United States during the 18th century. It has several Fortune 500 companies and manufacturing, refining, and food service industries. Starting a cartridge refilling franchise can be very rewarding. It is one of the most profitable businesses, with profit levels being 500% to 1200%! Start-up costs can vary depending on the franchise selected and services included.

Tips for Opening a Cartridge Refilling Franchise:

The number of people who throw away used cartridges instead of refilling them is amazingly large. They will be surprised to learn that the old cartridge can be refilled at a savings of about 50% to 60% of the cost of buying a new cartridge. This business is also environmental friendly because the life span of the cartridge is extended considering.

The start-up cost is minimum compared to other small businesses. Prior experience is not necessary, and the franchiser usually provides about 2 weeks in cartridge refilling and manufacturing, product training, sales, marketing and accounting. They also help in selecting the store, its design, layout and set-up, signage survey, and its installation.

Most franchisers provide daily technical support as well as assign you the right to use their intellectual property. They offer legally binding contracts with exclusive territory rights, supply you with the latest refilling machines, and train you on how to use it. They supply you with a sizeable inventory of all necessary start-up stock and branded packing and labeling materials that are needed.

Corporate stationery and clothing, marketing and promotional flyers, display boards and hooks, necessary equipment and manufacturing tools, and training on how to use internal and external signage and graphics is also provided.

Opting for a franchise is good, as the brand name is already established and people are already familiar with it. You do not have to start from scratch and waste time establishing your business. With a franchise, you can spend that time in promoting and growing your business. A franchise fee is sometimes charged and a percentage of the annual turnover is sometimes necessary to be paid. The franchiser provides training and helps start your business, also providing all necessary equipment as well as the business plan. Getting a loan for the start-up will be easier if the franchiser has a proven record of accomplishment. They can give you valuable advice on how to operate to ensure customer retention, which is imperative for any venture to succeed. Their assistance can be very valuable as you learn the ropes of the businesses. You could also try to buy the services or products that are available to help new entrepreneurs succeed.

With the excellent support and training provided by them, a cartridge refilling business can be an extremely rewarding business because of the demand for the service.

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