Beginnings are a beautiful thing. Beginnings symbolize hope and a fresh start. Beginnings represent hope and hold promise of an exciting future.

Beginnings are scary for some people, though. Beginnings are frightening when you do not have a plan. A new beginning can bring anxiety and even depression for those who do not know what they want.

The beginning of a new year brings about all sorts of resolutions. People resolve to live healthier lives, create new, better habits, and try something new. All too often though these plans of new beginnings fail. Why? Quite simply because they are lofty dreams, with no solid plan to follow.

Someone wise once said, "Those who fail to plan, plan to fail." You truly can not begin without having a solid plan of action in place. You've never set out on a road trip to lands unknown without a road map. So why, then, would you attempt a new beginning without having a goal in mind?

As you look ahead at this new year, create a better beginning. Use these action steps to create your plan of action for 2007:

1. Decide where you want to be at the end of this year.

2. Write down your business, personal, health, family, etc. goals. Remember to be specific when writing your goals. How much money do you want to earn this year? Where would you like to take your family on vacation this summer?

3. Write your action steps, based on each goal.

4. Post your action steps where you will see them each day.

Happy Beginnings!


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